What I learned at Church today.

Today’s passage was Ephesians 5:1-6, dealing with the subject of loving one another as Christ.

Here is what I learned during today’s message:

It can be easy to understand God’s love on the surface, as something that is done lightly or carelessly, because the common way we understand love is based on how well something works for us; if chocolate tastes good, we love chocolate. If music sounds good, we love music. But what separates the way we as humans love from how God loves is that divine love does something apart from any thing someone “deserves”, it seeks something that pleases God even if it is only God who truly notices it (Matt. 6), while human love is based on how well something treats us.

Here’s the amazing part: God loved the very people who sinned against Him and hated Him, yet He died for them and saved them. That’s us, people! He cleanses us of our sin and gives us rest from the pressures of trying to be perfect, He was perfect because we could not be. And He wants us to live in response to His grace, not to obtain it.

When Paul says that things such as “sexual immorality” or “covetousness” should not be named among saints, its because that is not who we are in Jesus. It says, “let no one deceive you”, we live by grace and that grace keeps us from sin, it doesn’t draw us to it; later on in the chapter we are called to discern what is pleasing to God, we are able to please Him now, so lets do it!

Loving one another as Christ means that you would even die for a person to spare their life; that you sacrifice time for their well being and their good, that you pray for them and help them and listen to them. It also means sharing the gospel and building up other Christians to live because of what Jesus did, not because of what we can do. God bless you fellow members of the body, may you be a model of grace this week.

Loving as Christ isn’t the easiest thing, but its the most rewarding; the more you grasp His love, the more you help others to grasp it too.

God Bless [Romans 12]

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